Should Money be Spent on Space Exploration?

One finds so many interesting topic online to write about. I wrote a piece on the above topic. For me, my essay sounds diplomatic, but I liked it 🙂

Man is a curious creature. He always wants to discover new things, new frontiers. One of the most curious aspects ever to strike man is space. Right since the times of the Ancient Indians, Greeks and Chinese, to Galileo, Kepler and Copernicus, to the modern space programs of NASA, Russian Federal Space Agency, ISRO, etc. this curiosity about space has been unstoppable. Since the past 70 years, governments have been actively involved in sending missions to space. This involves large investments of resources such as manpower, education and infrastructure, which in turn, requires huge investments of money.

When ISRO launched its manned moon mission, there were a lot of questions from the people whether a manned moon mission is really necessary, since it has already been done before. The scientific community answered back by saying that space exploration is one of the major means of achieving scientific progress. Scientific progress is one of the major pillars of the nation’s progress. That might be true, since history has shown us that one who wins the space race, wins the game, or at least, stays ahead of the rest. But that is concerned with the political aspects of it, which exists between nations. For the not-so-scientific-and-political, there still exists the question, “Was the money well-spent?”

He has the argument that the money must be spent on other areas where development is urgently needed, such as healthcare, food supply, infrastructure, education. Problems exist in these areas in every country. Healthcare is not provided to everyone, every child cannot afford to go to a school, and every stomach is not fed. This is a very popular, and justified, opinion that exists among the common man. He does not need a man on the moon. He needs a man in the classroom to teach his child her ABCs. And the government needs to understand his lament. It needs to see that the costly affair exploring space is not the need of the hour, according to him.

However, a good government, a smart one, needs to strike a balance in this regard. It needs to invest in space exploration judiciously. A man’s curiosity must not be quenched by achievements on land. Space offers endless possibilities. It could offer answers to the questions about origins of life and matter, the reasons for nature’s laws, the future of mankind. Yes, a space program does require huge investments of capital. But a government needs to educate it people about the importance of space exploration. It also needs to carefully decide on the budget and the procedures to be put on its investment as there is enough room for the spending to go awry. Numerous feasibility studies need to be made regarding any kind of space missions. But it needs to invest equally, if not more, in other areas of development. It needs to invest sufficiently, so that the basic rights of the individual are met. Only then shall the individual decide to understand the need and the importance of space exploration.


2 thoughts on “Should Money be Spent on Space Exploration?

  1. Mukund Manikarnike (@manikarnike)

    The government will never do small things like improving health facilities or food crisis. So, It is better that they do big things like the space programme at least.

    I believe that it is only when people themselves are comfortable in their life, they start doing things for others (apart from a few great men and women who are exceptions). So space programmes do help making certain people’s lives comfortable and in turn these people will form NGOs or whatever and solve the smaller problems. So, money spent on anything will actually help in solving other problems too. It is just that we fail to see the link between such things.

    1. Abhinand Post author

      Yes, but the government does spend on health facilities and food. After all, that’s one of its objectives. But they do need to have a balance of both this and the space programme. By taking good care of the former and investing in the latter, it can show provable signs of progress.


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