“May you find what you are looking for”

That’s a Chinese proverb. Another variant is “May your wishes be granted.”

I found this as an essay topic somewhere online. I had time to kill. So I wrote an essay! This is just whatever came to my mind. First draft, to be specific. The actual question was the proverb followed by, “The Chinese surely didn’t know what they were talking about. Or, did they?”

Here’s my short essay:

Chinese proverbs surely have a way with confusing the reader! From Confucius to fortune cookies, Chinese proverbs deal with the simple things in life, yet sound profound, and mostly are profound.

The adage “May your wishes be granted” deals with the complacent or self-sufficient nature of human beings. People usually wish for things which must either be “granted” as soon as possible, or which are too insignificant in the grand scheme of things. We have a tendency to get adjusted or be satisfied with whatever we have, or can be achieved with minimal effort. True greatness requires huge effort, a great deal of dedication and a yearning for achievement. The proverb can be taken as an advice by people to aspire for things beyond our wishes and assumed capabilities.

The Chinese were one of the most ingenious of the ancients. They had made great strides in every walk of life: philosophy, science, technology, art, medicine and so on. Surely, their proverbs had a definite meaning and purpose behind them. The Chinese, hence, did indeed know what they were talking about!


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