Death and All Its Metaphors

My mum and I have started compiling a list of all the metaphors and euphemisms for death. She is doing it in Kannada (my native language) and I in English. Don’t we have a morbid curiosity! 😀
I have borrowed some of it from the famous and hilarious Dead Parrot Sketch by Monty Python. Well, here is the list:


  1. He became his ex-self.
  2. He kicked the bucket.
  3. He was.
  4. He used to ‘be’.
  5. He was formerly alive.
  6. He lacks life.
  7. He’s in the ‘Beyond’ aisle.
  8. He is only a carbon compound now.
  9. KA-CHICK… BOOM! (The “gun hand” aimed at self).
  10. He has an ample supply of dead now (OK, that was gruesome!).
  11. He was the deer that was caught in the headlights but didn’t run away 😀
  12. He joined the choir invisible. (Monty Python)
  13. Bereft of life, he rests in peace! (Monty Python)
  14. He sleeps with the fishes. (The Godfather!)
Find the Kannada ones in the next post!
The Dim ReaperThat sketch I was talking about 🙂

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