Waste Time, Don’t Waste Money

People often say “Waste of time and waste of money.” They usually say this when they talk about getting something done with the help of some official, government or otherwise. It might be in getting a passport, getting a Driver’s License, owning up to a driving misdemeanor, etc. But it is wrong to couple those two together. The wasting of time is acceptable. It might be a few extra days, at the maximum. But wasting of money, which of course means paying them off, is totally unacceptable! If you really want a clean and happy home(land), then never pay a bribe; waste your time, but NEVER waste your money.

Here is a perfect reason why you shouldn’t pay up: who ever is demanding money is not worth even a single Paisa of the money you have earned. Why? Because they have indirectly begged for it. You might want to give it to beggars who have the guts to ask directly (and not by lifting up the file on the table and making a ridiculously weird, tilting gesture with one’s head, as the corrupt do!).
Try the hard way once, which is, sadly, the road less traveled. But you know what they say about roads less traveled right? It is thorny but leads to riches!

Equally important: join and support Anna Hazare’s cause

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2 thoughts on “Waste Time, Don’t Waste Money

  1. imanishkumar

    this is awesome dude. I liked the concept how you compared a corrupt person to a beggar and proved the point!! It was quite a different point of view and i really loved the argument.

    1. Abhinand Post author

      Thank you.
      The corrupt are akin to beggars. Both of them ask for money nonchalantly. What’s more, the corrupt actually believe that they deserve the money! But the beggars are the ones who actually need it.


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