Elections and Academia

At Philips, where I am doing an internship, I have two interesting coworkers from PSG College of Technology, Tamil Nadu. We were discussing our timetables for this semester of college. In all engineering colleges, students are supposed to do a big project somewhere; either by themselves or in a company. Hence, those two are here. Also, for most engineering colleges, the semester ends in May, and that is when they should give their presentations. However, for these two guys, their presentation is in March. I asked them why so soon. They told me that they will be having elections in Tamil Nadu. And then they offered no further explanation. I asked them to elaborate. They replied that since there are elections there, they will have no college after March, (at least for the final year’s, I assumed)! I found this very funny, but they have accepted the fact that they have to work doubly hard because they have to finish the work early. This is a situation where an academic schedule revolves around the political one! For months, their state will be fully at work in the electoral process. Nothing to blame here though, TN is a kind of sub-continent by itself. A perpetual machine hard at work to look after the tens of millions of people there.


2 thoughts on “Elections and Academia

  1. Priya

    Karnataka is no less. The academic calendar runs based on which political party decides to call for a bandh or introduce a new holiday to the year!
    Same type, just different cases!

  2. abhinandkr Post author

    A Bandh is for a day or two. And, if there are elections, our process is disturbed only for a few days.
    But I agree. Rallies and propoganda wreck our daily life. Remember the big rally held by Kumaraswamy at Palace Grounds in 2008? It was a chaotic time for parents of school kids.


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