Unholy Mess

Sea Otter Nursing Her Pup

This might just be an innocent Bing photograph of a mother otter and its offspring. It looked to me the same way, and I went Ooh-Aah like you did as well. But I was shocked as I stared at it, thinking something’s not right here. it is a cruel truth to face; oil. This animal, like thousands of others, has been poisoned by the  crude substance. It makes you wonder what she is thinking. Is she angry and helpless? Or is she hoping that someone would come and help her, take the sludge off her?

This picture is not from the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill though. It is from Prince William Sound, Alaska, where the Exxon Valdez oil spill took place in 1989. It has been summarily surpassed by the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico. And the governments are washing their hands off the mess, so to speak. The US government has reportedly named BP as the responsible party, as if we needed just that and nothing else, and the company is obligated to clean the gulf. But what can greedy capitalists do? This is the dark side of capitalism, not white-collar crime or tax evasion or Ponzie schemes. In the race to make more money than the next guy, we forget all about the earth on which we run.

The otters are probably long gone. So I don’t even want to put up a photograph of the BP spill.


2 thoughts on “Unholy Mess

  1. Vinay

    This US people have double standards.. on one hand, they ask british petroleum to pay for the oil spill, on the other hand they are least bit bothered about the havoc one of their companies i.e the Union carbide created in bhopal which killed thousands of people…

    1. abhinandkr Post author

      Dear Vinay,
      You are exactly right. The US are fence-sitters. They are more concerned about their own healthcare, taxes, etc while their own Gulf goes down the drain. They project their concern and do not do anything about it.
      One major concern is about Pakistan. In spite of the overwhelming evidence by Wikileaks about terrorism and insurgency, there is no reduction in arms being so graciously given to them by the US.
      But at least the Indian Govt has realized the grave nature of Pakistan. They just have to move ahead to bring some great international pressure on Pakistan, like that was brought on other terror threats, for e.g., Chechen rebels, Kosovo region, etc.


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