Which War?

The work, which was stalled for a while, resumed. This is the inane resolution of our CM to build a war memorial in Bangalore, as if we don’t have any already. Why do we even need war memorials? I think there are more war memorials, statues, and other silly homages than there are Jawans, or at least paramilitary Jawans. I read a Tehelka article where the number of paramilitary Jawans retiring voluntarily is increasing at a dangerous rate (http://goo.gl/ZgI7).

And which war is he talking about? The War of Indian Independence? That was 60 years ago. Please move on, Mr CM. You ought to give some lessons on Nationalism to your Cabinet, especially the golden Babu Bros., vis a vis, social studies in school. Or, is it the 3 Indo-Pak wars which were denoted less than half a page in the Civics textbook (much less than the pages about some idiotic king whose sole purpose in life, I think, was getting more wives than his dad)? You must be more worried about your own state; my political state, not your mental state. Last I heard, our neighbours are feeling confused about the state borders.

There are more pressing issues, and it is unwise to have a leader who bows down to pressure. I am a supporter of the party, and I honestly think that your background is top notch, posing in your RSS chaddi and all. But one mustn’t be influenced too much by his environment, nor his flock. And I am an old-fashioned guy. I think that the position held by a premier/head of government is very honourable. In this fast, endless machine that is India, in which the state is a miniature nation by itself, we need strong, tenacious leaders. Very few qualify, and those who get to sit on the throne, must work for the honour and the duty that is expected, or shove off for the next guy in the line. Because, honestly, they get very little time to do anything up there.


4 thoughts on “Which War?

  1. Shreyas Jayanna

    Instead of building war memorials, they can spend that money on improving conditions for the Jawans.

  2. vinay

    people who critiscise should take reasponsiblity for that otherwise let the government take its time….
    .if u are so worried abt govt instead of complaining work on creating solutions or work ur way n mak it inside govt n change it..u dont have any right to blame if u dont provide any solution..unfortunately this is what most of ppl in india have inherited right from their parents..blame evrything on govt..

  3. abhinandkr Post author

    Dear Vinay ( http://vinaybsubrahmanya.wordpress.com/ ),

    I take responsibility for it too, and so should everyone else in the system. I take responsibility because I got my DL thru a Driving School babus, for not voting when I should have, and even when we paid Rs 100 to that cop near Hoskerehalli that day when I was with you and you didn’t have a licence (Yes I remember that day!).
    But no one should let a useless government take its course. And that was a point in today’s TOI Crest, titled Fight Club, regarding the Congress fighting among itself at the Centre.
    I want to bring change too, and I am not blaming anything on the helpless govt. If at all, I blame you and me, and you being an Indian, seems to have inherited it too. And I don’t want to post guidelines and stuff on bringing change, which not more than 10 people will read. Weeding out corruption and bureaucracy is a process, which unfortunately sounds politically correct, and it can’t be done in a Subash Chandra Bose fashion. It starts from within, by doing things at home, work, commute, public offices, roads, etc. And I am doing my part, so far, and pray do yours too.


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